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Load and race a truck filled with Christmas presents over snowy hills.
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Play as an IT tech. Connect all the computers and monitors using...
Untangle 2 Untangle 2
Untangle your kite and it's string from a tree.
Saunavihta Yetis Saunavihta Yetis
Click the white shapes to remove them, but not the black ones an...
Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood
Spot the differences game with a little red riding hood theme. B...
This is the Only Level This is the Only Level
Guide the elephant to the exit without landing on the deadly spi...
Hungry Shapes Hungry Shapes
Feed the hungry shapes in this puzzler!
Puru Puru Puru Puru
Remove the grass blocks and guide and move all the puru puru to ...
Crumbled 2 Crumbled 2
Draw lines to guide the ball to the flag.
DropSum DropSum
Try to make adjacent tiles add up to 9 and form groups.
Visible 2 Visible 2
Try to focus on not dying by avoiding visible and invisible dang...
Stackz Stackz
Stack the shapes as a tower and as high as you can build it.
Pupzzle Pupzzle
Help the puppy solve puzzles and collect bones as a reward.
Bathroom Simulator Bathroom Simulator
Test your Restroom IQ by choosing the appropriate stall in a men...
Stackle Stackle
Stack all the bricks on the tower without making it topple.
Polygonal Fury Polygonal Fury
Destroy all polygons on each level, by starting a chain reaction...
Isora 3 Isora 3
Step on each tile once and return to the red block.
The X Spot The X Spot
Spot and find the X-Spot no matter how hidden it appears and cli...
Meeblings 2 Meeblings 2
Guide and help the Meeblings to the exit again. Click on a Meebl...
Shift 4 Shift 4
Play the latest sequel to the popular shift game. Solve the blac...
Neon Maze Neon Maze
Guide our hero through the neon maze on his way to freedom in th...
Sticky in the Sky Sticky in the Sky
Guide your stick through the sky mazes and avoid the walls in th...
The irRegularGame of Life The irRegularGame of Life
Life is nothing more than a 2-Dimensional puzzle. But can you so...
Dreams Dreams
Can you spot the visual differences in dreams. Hints or no hints...
Voles Voles
Use your smarts to guide the Voles to the exit, by operating the...
Mad World Mad World
Find the differences in the mirrored images. It's a mad, ma...
Black Knight Insurrection Black Knight Insurrection
Choose your path and guide the Black Knight to the golden star i...
Finding Santa Finding Santa
It is so fun to spot and find Santa in this Christmas Puzzle!
The Impossibly Hard Quiz 3 The Impossibly Hard Quiz 3
So you think you're smart? Well you are a genius if you ace...
Demonia City Demonia City
You are an Amarion demon. Solve the riddles and destroy the nucl...
Ninja or Nun Ninja or Nun
Spot the Ninjas and remove them from the crowd, before time runs...
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