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Plays like Angry Birds. Launch Mario from a cannon at the structures holding the Goombas.
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Color Balls Solitaire Color Balls Solitaire
Destroy the balls by shooting them into groups of three.
Carnival Showdown Carnival Showdown
Shoot the rotating targets at a carnival stand and win bigger pr...
Face Shot 2 Face Shot 2
Shoot 21 face balloons by using rebound shots.
Duck Shooter Duck Shooter
Use three bullets to shoot all the flying ducks. Have fun!
Dogi Bubble Shooter Dogi Bubble Shooter
Help the doggy shoot bubbles from a cannon and pop matching colo...
Royal Guard Royal Guard
Shoot your bow and arrows at evil creatures, before they devour ...
Batman Survivor Batman Survivor
Help Batman shoot up bad dudes and defend Gotham.
Airport Shootout Airport Shootout
Shoot terrorists in an airport with head shots if possible.
Juicy Bazooka Juicy Bazooka
Fire watermelons from a bazooka at thieves.
Heavy Legion 2 Heavy Legion 2
Fire shells from a tank at mobile grenade launchers and destroy ...
Army Training Army Training
Shoot down terrorist soldiers holding American hostages.
Duckmageddon Duckmageddon
Shoot down the ducks flying away from your blind.
Gold Shooter Gold Shooter
Shoot at pots of gold floating through the sky with your musket....
Madville Madville
Shoot up aliens as a madman.
Trollface Defense Trollface Defense
Play as the troll and shoot at the advancing forever alone frien...
Super Invaders Super Invaders
Shoot at the alien space saucers and defend earth.
Homer the Flanders Killer 6 Homer the Flanders Killer 6
Shoot up all of Ned Flanders family as Homer Simpson.
Tommy Slingshot Tommy Slingshot
Adjust your slingshot aim as you fire different ammo to kill the...
Ricochet Kills 3 Level Pack Ricochet Kills 3 Level Pack
Aim your pistol and shoot bullets that bounce off platforms, wal...
Terrorist Trash Talk Terrorist Trash Talk
Shoot the terrorists and rescue the hostages from them.
Underworld Appoint Underworld Appoint
Shoot the attacking cops and their canines before they reach yo...
Counter Strike De Remains Counter Strike De Remains
Shoot at terrorists with a pistol, accuracy counts.
Rambo the Assassin Rambo the Assassin
Shoot at the enemy soldiers as they pop out of the jungle.
Gunshot Cowboy Gunshot Cowboy
Shoot at Cowboys and Indians while riding horseback and jumping ...
Sling Shot Sling Shot
Shoot the colored balls with a sling shot into their matching va...
Speedboat Shooting Speedboat Shooting
Shoot at the bad dudes on jet skis to protect the speedboat.
Bieb Blaster 2 Bieb Blaster 2
Shoot a hand held bazooka at Justin Beiber and take him out.
Mortarific Mortarific
Eradicate all the terrorists by shooting mortars at them from yo...
War Elephant War Elephant
Guide the elephant to the castle and stomp on and shoot arrows a...
Pearl Harbor 1942 Pearl Harbor 1942
Protect your US battleship against the Japanese attacks in Pearl...
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