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Better than Rotate 360. You must collect the portal key and bounce from portal to portal.
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KawaiRun KawaiRun
Run, jump and slide your way into medals.
Penguin Destroyer Penguin Destroyer
Launch grenades at the penguins from your cannon and blow them u...
Red and Blue Balls Red and Blue Balls
Guide the red and blue balls and gather all the jewels.
Endless Migration Endless Migration
Keep your flock of geese large in number as you navigate them ar...
Tuper Tario Tros Tuper Tario Tros
Super Mario games are always a blast to play and so is this one!
Fly and Shoot Fly and Shoot
Pilot a fighter plane all the way to victory, by shooting down e...
Drag Box Drag Box
Guide the green box through multiple mazes of orange obstacles.
Fly Hard Fly Hard
Fly the space rocket high into the sky, grabbing gems and avoidi...
Fire and Bombs 2 Fire and Bombs 2
Drop bombs to blow up and burn your opponents in over twenty lev...
Shopping Cart Hero 2 Shopping Cart Hero 2
Race downhill and then jump into your shopping cart, flying thro...
Blosics Blosics
Play with blocks and knock them down using physics.
Cargo Bridge Xmas Edition Cargo Bridge Xmas Edition
Build a bridge across a valley used to transport Christmas prese...
Roly Poly Monsters Roly Poly Monsters
Have fun blowing up all the monsters in the least amount of time...
Scamper Ghost Scamper Ghost
Gobble gold coins before the goblins eat you, just like pac-man ...
Shrink It Shrink It
Guide the smiley to the exit by shrinking blocks and toppling th...
Dynamite Blast Dynamite Blast
Strategically place dynamite on bridge beams to topple cars and ...
EenieBounce EenieBounce
Remove all platforms and stars by bouncing the correct number of...
Glow Cut Glow Cut
Cut up falling shapes using your mouse, before they stack up.
Dale and Peakot Dale and Peakot
Help Farmer Dale and his special powered Peakot rescue the stole...
Sky Machine Sky Machine
Set the correct power and angle to launch Orville and Wilbur and...
Savage Huskies Savage Huskies
Use a Tonfa Battery Ram, Chain Whips, Orb deflection and brute r...
The Company of Myself The Company of Myself
Find joy in the company of yourself, while jumping between platf...
Forever Samurai Forever Samurai
A timeless samurai struggles to survive in an age of robotic dem...
Deflector Pool Deflector Pool
Collect balls in your color, deflect the other colored balls and...
Jumpie 2 Jumpie 2
Launch Jumpie to fly through all the rings without crashing.
Fly Squirrel Fly Fly Squirrel Fly
Collect acorns to restore your stamina as a flying squirrel and ...
Batman Gotham City Rush Batman Gotham City Rush
Play as Batman and help him find his friends. Run, jump, kick an...
Alien SOS Alien SOS
Guide the alien to exit portals by shooting blocks and avoiding ...
Wake up the Box Wake up the Box
Wake up Mr. Box by toppling him with wood blocks and physics.
Night Balloons Night Balloons
Catch colored balloons with a sharp projectile and avoid popping...
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