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Try to escape from this Mini Toon golf course, no putting is required.
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Conveyor Conveyor
Guide all the boxes along the conveyor belts to the bin.
Visible 3 Visible 3
What you see and can't see may harm you in this fun platfor...
Sieger Sieger
Smash castles and it's defenders as quickly as possible.
Jump Mario 3 Jump Mario 3
Grab stars, jump on Goombas and avoid falling off the screen, by...
WingMen WingMen
Enjoy fighter plane battles in the sky against alien aircraft.
Catapult Madness Catapult Madness
In order to save your people, catapult a peasant over 50,000 fee...
Running Man 2 Running Man 2
Run across platforms and collect gold coins while staying within...
Crash Test Launcher Crash Test Launcher
Drive the sports car into the fence and launch the crash test du...
Upstream Kayak Upstream Kayak
Paddle your kayak upstream and over obstacles while performing t...
Belly Flop Hero Belly Flop Hero
Eat cakes, grow fat and then perform belly flop dives to create ...
Dummy Never Fails 2 Dummy Never Fails 2
Launch crash test dummies from a cannon and hit the spot softly.
Super Angelo Super Angelo
Collect gold coins and avoid enemy dragons. This platformer play...
Scarlet Horizon Scarlet Horizon
Drop bombs from a bomber in the air on the city blocks below.
Fatman Go Fatman Go
Try to transport a bomb to the rain cloud by swinging across pla...
Deep Diver Deep Diver
Go deep diving in your sub for treasure chests.
The Expendables The Expendables
Play as a well-trained mercenary and fight evil men in South Afr...
Epic Coaster Epic Coaster
Attempt to jump the roller coaster across missing track and earn...
All Rabbits Must Die All Rabbits Must Die
Eliminate all the rabbits by robbing their energy and knocking t...
Circle Runner Circle Runner
Avoid a deadly laser beam and jump over obstacles as you run aro...
Sushi Cat Honeymoon Sushi Cat Honeymoon
The fat cat is married and and ready to eat more raw fish.
One Step Back One Step Back
Try to escape your past self.
Balancing Boxes Balancing Boxes
Guide, stack and balance the falling boxes on both sides of the ...
Numz Numz
Guide the cat Numz to the exit while eating the gold fish.
Bomber Chomp Bomber Chomp
Jump from bomb to bomb, collect the power ups and bounce as high...
Shadow Snake Shadow Snake
Guide the shadow snake by avoiding deadly demons while collectin...
EenieBalance EenieBalance
Attempt to keep the Red Eenie from falling by balancing the beam...
Roly Poly Cannon 3 Roly Poly Cannon 3
Shoot bombs from the cannon at evil Roly Polys.
Guardian Rock Guardian Rock
Guide the Guardian Rock and crush all the intruders.
Swordless Ninja Swordless Ninja
Try smashing your enemies by jumping on them and using your fist...
Dreamstack Dreamstack
Pop shapes within a stack by shooting bullets at matching colore...
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