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Drive your red car through various challenging levels and blow up rival's car by setting the mines wisely. [Highscore]
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Inferno Inferno
Help the firebot put out the blazing fire with his water hose.
Effing Worms Effing Worms
Dig tunnels to the surface as a gigantic worm and eat more stick...
Sushi Cat The Honeymoon Sushi Cat The Honeymoon
Eat plenty of sushi to fill your cat belly and grow fat.
Free Super Mario Bros Free Super Mario Bros
Run and jump across platforms as Super Mario and collect gold co...
Jetstream Penguin Jetstream Penguin
Guide the launched penguin through the air and collect fish!
Crush the Castle 2 Crush the Castle 2
Launch logs and stones at new castle constructions.
Meteor Launch Meteor Launch
Launch the meteor back into space as high as possible.
AcidRain AcidRain
Run and jump over platform obstacles while avoiding the deadly a...
Super Playboy Super Playboy
Use your superhuman fighting skills to beat up all earthly enemi...
Larry Gnomergeddon Larry Gnomergeddon
Slay all the gnomes attacking the city and protect it and yourse...
Ball Barrage Ball Barrage
Try to beat the end bosses by using bombs and avoiding the barra...
Touch the Bubbles 3 Touch the Bubbles 3
Pop all the bubbles by touching them and avoiding the red wand.
Mashin Meeces Mashin Meeces
Jump on all the mice as an elephant and don't let them bite...
Dillinger Dillinger
Run and jump between building platforms for maximum distance.
Catch Watermelon Catch Watermelon
Toss the watermelon to another one of the smiley heads without m...
Mini Games Ultimate Mini Games Ultimate
Play seven games in one. Enjoy QuadMaze, Truck Launch, Comet, Su...
Cave Swimming Cave Swimming
Guide a long distance swimmer through underwater caves without h...
Tank Destroyer 2 Tank Destroyer 2
Destroy all the enemy tanks and turrets and try to stay alive.
The Slob The Slob
Guide the snail around alien plants as it crawls and jumps acros...
Spongebob Squarepants Dutchmans Dash Spongebob Squarepants Dutchmans Dash
Help Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick release their friend Gary...
Poto and Cabenga Poto and Cabenga
Play with the space bar and jump and dash to collect golden leav...
Robot Wants Puppy Robot Wants Puppy
Help the robot reach the puppy by collecting power-ups.
Slicerix Slicerix
Slice and collide blocks in this challenging physics puzzle.
Ninja Piro Ninja Piro
Climb, hit and solve electronic puzzles as a Ninja, Pirate and R...
60 Seconds Until Graduation 60 Seconds Until Graduation
Fly using your propeller hat and shoot bad grades down in order ...
The Forgotten Sands The Forgotten Sands
Run across rooftops, dodge arrows and slash the enemies.
Explosioneer Explosioneer
Create explosions to propel the running man to the higher platfo...
Kid Launcher Kid Launcher
Help the launch the kid as far as possible from an angry bear, u...
It's a Monster It's a Monster
Pick up kids and objects and throw them at enemies.
GlueFO 3 GlueFO 3
Fly GlueFO Mark III and collect small asteroids with your forcef...
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