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Navigate through different exciting stages to the exit point after dodging different security cameras and guards.
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Shadow of the Ninja Shadow of the Ninja
Sneak around, collect gemstones and avoid enemy guards as a fema...
Super Frog Super Frog
Jump across moving platforms as super frog and reach the exit in...
Guide and shrink the walking sprite through a computer maze to r...
Treasure Tower Trouble Treasure Tower Trouble
Collect gold coins while climbing the platform towers.
Angry Birds Go Crazy Angry Birds Go Crazy
Collect eggs as an Angry Bird and use accumulated points to jump...
Cannon Basketball Cannon Basketball
Shoot basketballs from a cannon and use physics to make shots.
Alien Bob Alien Bob
Alter gravity and guide Alien Bob to the platform exit.
When I was Young When I was Young
Collect special bonuses that make you younger and permit you to ...
Pharaohs Second Life Pharaohs Second Life
Help the pharaoh hmummy escape the pyramid in this fun platform ...
Leave Me Alone Leave Me Alone
Run across platforms, collect fragments and avoid all monsters.
John Citizen 2 John Citizen 2
Track down and shoot the King of the Earth and aliens along the ...
Collect Collect
Swing from a spider web and collect all the trinkets.
Bread Duck Bread Duck
Guide the Duck as it eats bread and save the Bagel cats.
12 Rooms No Escape 12 Rooms No Escape
Avoid the traps and pitfalls and reach the terminals that you mu...
Hungry Penguin Hungry Penguin
Guide the hungry penguin across platforms and avoid the hot pepp...
Pick and Dig 3 Pick and Dig 3
Pick up coins on each level to open the entrance to the next lev...
Lava Climber Lava Climber
Jump across the raising lava, avoid spikes and monkeys to reach ...
Shatter Bot Shatter Bot
Use Jetbots to fly across platforms and use the Ion Blaster or P...
SnowDrift SnowDrift
Run and slide down icy hills as a Yeti and topple penguins.
Asleep Walking Asleep Walking
Walk in your sleep and use patience and proper timing to avoid d...
Invisible Runner 2 Invisible Runner 2
Become invisible and visible as needed to jump through platforms...
ELGI Epic Runaway ELGI Epic Runaway
Jump and run across platforms, collect coins and avoid the dinos...
Saving the Company Saving the Company
Brake into a castle, cross platforms, master gravity and steal t...
Cuboy Hot Pants Cuboy Hot Pants
Escape hot lava as Cuboy by jumping down platforms and avoiding ...
Thirty Thirty
Jump and outrun the old age of thirty in this fun platform game.
Never Lose Rope Never Lose Rope
Collect stars with your rope and move across the platforms.
Rejoin Rejoin
Rejoin your lost demon soul in this unique platform game.
Sector A Sector A
Shoot monsters along the platforms and then kill their boss.
Warp Warp
Use warp power to reach the exit on each platform level.
Goin Up Goin Up
Jump off platforms, stomp on enemies and guide Mr. Rufus upwards...
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